At Dunsters Farm, sustainability is not an afterthought but an integral part of our business model. As a longstanding family business, we recognise our responsibilities towards the environment and are committed to energy-saving practices, waste management, efficient transportation, and fostering social awareness.

Our Sustainability Journey

Our journey towards sustainability is ongoing, and we acknowledge that there isn’t an “overnight solution”. We’re proud of the strides we’ve made, leading us to be awarded the Green Wholesaler of the Year in 2019, a testament to our dedication and forward-looking sustainability plans.

Energy Saving

We have worked tirelessly over recent years to fulfil our environmental responsibilities. Our efforts include upgrading our depot’s lighting to low-energy LED lights, working with an energy company using offshore wind farms for renewable energy, and sourcing our own label water from a facility that operates entirely on green energy from solar panels and wind turbines.

Efficient Transportation

While our delivery business necessitates the use of vehicles, we’ve heavily invested in software to monitor and improve fuel efficiency. We also practise backhauling from six suppliers, reducing unnecessary vehicles on the road. Our entire delivery fleet uses Euro 5 engine-powered vehicles and Ad Blue to lessen harmful emissions. To further reduce travel, our sales team makes efficient use of remote servers for remote work. We also encourage eco-friendly commuting among our staff, with three electric vehicles in our fleet and a registered Cycle2Work scheme.

Waste Management

We have implemented various measures to reduce our daily waste. Initiatives like digitalising communication, printing double-sided, and introducing a voice pick system have significantly cut paper use. Moreover, our warehouse team collaborates with local charities like The Real Junk Food Project Manchester and Sandwich Angels to reduce food waste. We’ve set targets for new recycling initiatives and partnered with Terracycle for recycling crisp packets, old pens, and even cigarette waste to ensure nothing goes to landfill.

Social Awareness

Our commitment extends to social awareness as well. We’re proud to have donated a piece of land to the Life for Life charity, resulting in a beautiful memorial forest where trees are planted in remembrance of loved ones, with proceeds donated to local hospices and healthcare organisations.

At Dunsters Farm, we don’t just say we’re sustainable – we act on it. For more information on our sustainability efforts, please contact us today. We’re eager to share more about our journey towards a greener, more sustainable futures.

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