Our Products

At Dunsters Farm, we're committed to providing a comprehensive array of quality food and beverage items tailored to the needs of the catering and hospitality industry. Our selection encompasses both branded and non-branded products, as well as our exclusive own label ranges, such as Caterer’s Friend. We continuously expand our product line with innovative additions, always seeking the best for our customers.

Ambient Food

Our ambient food range is thoughtfully curated to offer versatile choices for your culinary creations. You can explore different categories that include quality store ingredients, essential breakfast items and even indulgent desserts.

Chilled Food

Our chilled foods section is fully stocked with fresh, quality items, giving you plenty of delicious options to choose from. This includes a wide variety of cheese to delight the palate and authentic ingredients from around the globe.

raw fish meat on brown chopping board

Frozen Food

Explore our diverse frozen food range, offering convenience and longer shelf life. From fish and seafood to bread and pizza, our frozen range is perfect for any busy kitchen.

lime juice on drinking glass beside sliced limes


Quench your thirst with our array of high quality drinks. We stock a wide range of options for comforting hot drinks, as well as a selection of refreshing cold beverages for hydration.

Non-Food Items

In addition to our delectable range of food and beverage offerings, we take pride in offering an array of essential non-food items that are meticulously curated to enhance and streamline your kitchen experience.

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With almost 60 years’ experience in the industry, Dunsters Farm has the knowledge and relationships to negotiate the best prices for our customers. Whatever your requirements may be, we are here to help. Choose Dunsters Farm for a stress-free, efficient, and quality food service experience.

Brands We Supply

Dunsters Farm are proud suppliers of the UK’s most popular food and drink brands. Our stock is constantly monitored to ensure we hold the finest products to satisfy demands. Alongside household names, we are also proud to help and support local producers and new brands.