Who We Supply

At Dunsters Farm, we are passionate about delivering premium quality food and drink supplies to a wide range of establishments across the North. Our diverse clientele ranges from educational institutions to healthcare facilities, from small cafes to large hotels, and from local delis to bustling visitor attractions. No matter the size of the business, our commitment to providing top-quality products and exceptional service remains unwavering.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

We understand the critical role nutrition plays in learning environments. That's why we supply schools, colleges, and universities with high-quality food products, ensuring students receive balanced meals to fuel their educational journey.

NHS & Healthcare Facilities

Good nutrition is a cornerstone of health and recovery. With our supply to NHS and other healthcare facilities, we contribute to the wellness of patients and staff by offering nutritious, quality food and drink supplies.

pancakes with berries on white ceramic plate

Cafes, Sandwich Shops & Delis

Small eateries are at the heart of our communities. We cater to cafes, sandwich shops, and delis, providing them with fresh, quality ingredients to create their delightful dishes and tantalising treats.

Grilled Meat Dish Served on White Plate

Hotels & Restaurants

We supply hotels and restaurants with the top-notch ingredients they need to impress their guests and maintain a high standard of dining.

sushi on top of plates

Wholesalers & Caterers

We support wholesalers and caterers with our extensive range of products, helping them serve their own clientele more effectively. From large scale events to intimate gatherings, we provide everything needed to create memorable culinary experiences.

Visitor Attractions & Events

From parks to museums, we ensure that visitor attractions have access to a wide range of quality food and drink options to enhance their guests' overall experience.

Join our family of satisfied customers

Our relationships with our clients are built on trust, respect, and our shared passion for quality food. At Dunsters Farm, we pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional service and a personalised approach to meet each customer’s unique needs.

What our customers say

"We run an award winning catering operation. We know we can rely on Dunsters Farm for availability of product, quality and exceptional service."
School Business Manager
"We have been trading with Dunsters Farm for three years and have found them to be an outstanding supplier. We look forward to a great many years trading."
Catering Business Owner
"I had been let down recently by another supplier and rang Dunsters who stepped in and delivered at short notice. I would highly recommend them."
Catering Manager
"We use Dunsters Farm because they provide a complete service of product availability, consistent delivery times and competitive price structure."
Catering Manager